Monday, 23 April 2012

Got Goldie pumping through my friend's Dre Beats

Ahhhh, that entrepeneural spirit is rife, I smell it in the air, I see it in the vibe that is emanating from this young and fresh surge of music and media.  It's a big wave, and one that I see myself riding, not valiantly as some sort of general, but as some wide eyed kid laughing at the very front of it.
It's my time to move, our time to move really, this is a time of change. One where the revolution is not on the battlefield nor on the streets in masses, but in the minds of its participants and audience.
Where it all really counts, because at the end of it what we think creates everything around us.
We as a generation are becoming more self aware and ironically we're just unaware of it.
Amidst from our self abrasement and depreciation, this wave of youth is breeding more individualism, more questions for the world and more youth hungry for answers. It's becoming cool to be intelligent again, to be something different and I love being part of it.
I'll be a damn sweet part of this wave, relishing deeply in it, and dare I say I residing a cut above.

Or so I'd like to think ;)

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